Friday, June 26, 2009

Jill's Advice for Men: What NOT to Say to Your Girlfriend

A few weekends ago Jack and I went bike shopping so I could get a speedier, fancier bike. After talking to the sales person about the differences between men's and women's bikes where it was noted that women's bikes tend to have a little bit wider saddle, Jack turned to me and said this:
(Pointing to the largest seat ever manufactured in the history of bike seat manufacturing) "So, you should probably get this seat since you have wide hips."

Me: [Death glare, death glare, death glare]

Jack: "You as in WOMEN, not YOU specifically as a person....I meant, um, women....?"
A few days later, I bought some of those padded bike shorts. Have you ever worn those? Well, they are the most hideous things on the planet. They make it look like I have the world's biggest, most obvious cameltoe ever. When I pointed this out to Jack (not that it needed pointing out, mind you) I think he had learned his lesson from the bike seat talk, because he keeps telling me I couldn't look bad in anything - not even cameltoe shorts. Good boy.


Assertive Wit said...

hahhha Jack's hilarious

Lil' Woman said...

Oh Jack, when will you learn?!?

Rock Chef said...

Sometimes I think that Jack is really on the ball. At other times (like this) I wonder how he survives in the world!

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I wonder if you could market them with the name Camel Toe Shorts? I'll bet there's a subset of humanity that would buy them and give them as Christmas gifts to female friends and relatives.


Jack and Jill said...

AW - In that mean sort of way!

LIL WOMAN - We're still working on it.

ROCK CHEF - Me too.

SIR - I've patented the right to Cameltoe Shorts. Or whatever it is you do when you want to make sure no one steals your idea.

Andy said...

some celebs have made a career out of cameltoe. maybe you can embrace it.

Anonymous said...

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