Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jill Brings Jack to the Birthplace of Rock Picking

Just last night, Jack and I were talking about how different our backgrounds are. He grew up in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area, where he was exposed to things like "rap", "hip hop", "stylish clothing" and "diversity" from a young age. He spent his weekends going to concerts, using public transportation, and learning all kinds of slang words that I still don't know and probably never will.

I, on the other hand, grew up in Hickville, Midwest USA. I spent the first 18 years of my life on a farm outside a town of 130 people. My high school class consisted of 10 people, and I went to school in the same building from kindergarten through 12th grade. Everyone around me was pale and blond just like me, with the exception of 1 adopted kid who stood out like a sore thumb (he could play basketball and dance, you see). I spent my weekends doing things like driving grain truck for my dad, mowing our lawn (a 6 hour job), and combining during harvest. Sometimes we'd mix things up and my dad would drive us along in a field while we "picked rock" - it is exactly what it sounds like: we picked big rocks out of the (~50 acre) fields and threw them into the back of a pick up truck*. I know, it sounds truly magical, doesn't it? Try not to be jealous.

Anyway, I've been to Jack's childhood home a few times, but due to the fact that my childhood home is a 7 hour drive away and there's absolutely, positively nothing to do once you get there, he hasn't been there yet. Well, that won't be the case after this weekend.

I am not sure either of us is ready for this. I mean....I've told him stories but I don't think he quite gets it. Yesterday I texted my uncle (who's only a few years older than me) to see if he'd be around to meet Jack this weekend. He texted me back "I will be. Do I need to bring any guns?" I wrote back "Haha nah, he's a good one. See you this weekend then!" Unlike in the past (where he seriously would have brought guns in an effort to intimidate my boyfriends), he was actually kidding, and wrote back: "I was thinking more like he'd want to shoot them than me having to shoot him!" Oh. Woops! Jack has decided he really sees no reason for guns to be around at all . Probably wise.
* They make machines that do this for you, but my dad said that with 4 able bodied daughters, why on earth would he spend money to buy a machine??


Nej said...

I've been a Jack an Jill Online follower for some time now, but never comment. I'm just shy that way. :-)

Today I thought I'd drop you a line, and tell you that your blog cracks me up. The banter between the two of you is great!

Al said...

Holy crap. Have fun Jack!

Say hi to the place for me.

Anonymous said...

Your town makes my town sound positively urban.

And that's not easy to do.

Jack and Jill said...

NEJ - No need to be shy - thanks for commenting!

AL - Oh I'm sure he'll have fun, whether he likes it or not!

PdW - My town makes most towns sound urban, sadly.

Lil' Woman said...

Big Man was that "sore thumb" when I took him home to the stix of Pennsylvania....poor lil island boy was a little nervous going..but thankfully everyone loved him :)

lol..when we go on vacay next month, while me and mom and sisters are going to get our nails done BM is going shooting with my dad....hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hm, what an interesting childhood you had, Jill. Should also make for quite the weekend. Can't wait to hear how it goes, ha.

Sprite said...

Call me a romantic fool, but I like the sound of your childhood! I'm sure Jack will love your home.

Angela said...

I like Jill more and more everyday, and I don't even know her!! Anyone who has picked rocks (done it--not fun!) and driven a grain truck (haven't done it) is cool in my book.

Rock picking builds character. That's what people say when you have do a sh*tty task that takes forever. :)