Monday, May 4, 2009

Hawaii Recap

Hi friends! We have been back from Hawaii for nearly a week now, and Jack still hasn't broken up with me, despite having spent 5 days with my family (they are crazy - like me - but delightful - also like me), and having claimed he was just waiting for the trip to call it quits on us. What a jerkball!*

A couple stories about Hawaii before we continue with our regularly scheduled program (i.e., more nonsense):
  • We learned that you should never rent a Dodge Charger. Did you know that all you need to break into one of those is a screw driver? Apparently there is a youtube video that shows you how. Anyway, Jack got a new pair of sneakers at Niketown in Honolulu and left them in the back seat of the car while we did some shopping in the Waikiki area. We also both had our digital SLR cameras in the trunk. Some d-bag broke into the car and grabbed the shoes, then opened the trunk to make sure he didn't miss anything. Upon seeing the much more valuable cameras, he left the shoes in the trunk and jacked our cameras! While you'd think Jack would be highly upset about this loss, he was actually more upset that the burglar didn't appreciate his good fashion sense enough to steal his very cool sneakers. He is thinking about wearing a shirt that says "Reject" whenever he wears the shoes now, and pouts a little when you mention that they aren't worthy of being stolen. (I mention that frequently, incidentally, because I'm sweet like that.)
  • Our last night there we were lucky enough to witness a beat down. We were sitting on the porch of a restaurant and across the street some punks just started beating the crap out of another punk. Police were there within 2 minutes. Apparently they are great at catching violent teenagers, but not so great at finding our stolen cameras.
  • I convinced a very hesitant Jack that we should do some snorkeling. He finally agreed, then promptly dropped part of the mask into the ocean. "Are you going to get that back, honey?", I asked, to which he replied, "You do it. I don't dive." We were in 4 feet of water - not exactly "diving", really. Anyway, after a little while with the snorkel, I had a Snorkeling Monster on my hands. It was all he wanted to do. It was fun, though, and we got to see a turtle! I named him Frank, and we followed him around for quite some time.
  • Jack and I were together for 9 days straight, with almost no time apart. I bet we spent a total of 3 hours apart. In that short amount of time, Jack was hit on by a gay guy who did not believe him when he said he was there with his girlfriend (i.e. yours truly). He was also hit on by the girl who had been sitting next to ME at the pool for hours. I got up to go get a massage (mmmm, lomi-lomi) and she starts up a conversation with him, asking if he's married, and blahblahblah. The NERVE! I was hit on zero times....although being hit on by my massage therapist would have been pretty awkward, so I'm not complaining. Anyway, I can't let him out of my sight at all or the competition - female and male - swarms like a bunch of little sharkies! Hmph!

So, those were some of the highlights of the trip. We had an amazing time and would go back in a heartbeat. In fact, we wish we were still there...sigh.
*This is our new insult to each other. Jack made it up. He doesn't have the vocabulary of a sailor like yours truly, so his insults are always adorably child-like.


Anonymous said...

Goddamn those thieves. Yet still, I am envious of your great Hawaiian trek. I bet you're LOVING being back in cold old MSP right? Although, spring is coming. Maybe it's not so cold. Maybe it's lovely. But I bet it's still not Hawaii.

Welcome back though! I hope many Hawaiian cocktails filled with umbrellas were consumed.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Hawaii has a very high homeless rate, but never heard crime was rampant. Damn. Glad you had a great time despite the theft!

choofy said...

ouch, sorry about the cameras :/

the trip still sounded fabulous. congrats on making it back as a couple :)

show more PDA and you'll scare away those sharks.

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh, sorry about your cameras. I can't wait to go back to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got a tan, Jill. Sorry about you getting robbed, though. That sucks, but I'm glad you had a great time in HI!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great time AND are still together :)

Jack and Jill said...

VEG - The weather here is lovely now, but doesn't compare to Hawaii! Lots of drinks were consumed, rest assured.

MINDI - I think homelessness probably contributes to theft? Right now there is some homeless dude out there taking AMAZING pictures! :)

CHOOFY - Good suggestion!

LIL - It's fantastic, isn't it?

Jack and Jill said...

FOREVER ANON - I definitely got a tan....a bit of a burn that eventually becamse a tan, actually.

SUZE - Thanks, me too!