Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Smell This!

This weekend Jack and I were in his car on our way to a restaurant when, per usual, I cranked up the air conditioning. You see, for some reason my body temperature seems to run about 10 degrees warmer than Jack's.

"Sweaty?" he asks me.

"Of course. Ooh! But I got this new deodorant that I just love. I got it at and the person who sells it has all these all-natural products, and some are vegan!"

"Does it work?"

"Well, yes - but it's just a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant, so it doesn't stop me from sweating."


[Rolling eyes] "Whatever! It smells so good. Like baby powder."

"Let me smell."

So, without hesitation (I think a normal person might have hesitated?), I held up my arm so Jack could take a whiff while we were at a stop light. As soon as he did, we both looked at each other, looked out our windows, and realized that the occupants of the cars on either side of us definitely just saw this very inappropriate intimate moment.

"Those people definitely think we're weird."

"Yes...yes, they do."


Megan said...

The other day, my coworker and I were meeting in her office. She told me how she got this awesome new conditioner that makes her hair smell I smelled her hair. Luckily, everyone in our office already thinks we're weird...

Anonymous said...

If he's willing to smell your arm pit, it's definitely love. 0o0o0o, awwwwww.

Rock Chef said...

My wife NEVER sweats.

A day in the baking sun digging over half the garden?


3 hours on a cross-trainer?


A hot summer night of passion?


Not fair!

Amanda said...

Comfortable couples are so weird!!!!! Maybe being single isn't so bad


Lil' Woman said...

It's def. love when smelling each others armpits seems like a good idea! :)

Devyl said...

You should have amp'd up the weirdness factor and licked each other on the face. Or ducked your head into his lap. or something.

Anonymous said...

Armpits make the heart grow fonder.


Danielle said...

I agree with Devyl! It would have been funny if you had winked over at them and then started doing something else really weird. Haha.

But yeah armpit sniffing = true love.

Jess of Veg Out! said...

Sadly enough (and scarily enough?), I can totally see this exact scene occurring between Nick & me... I wish I would have been in the car next to you to witness this.

Well, maybe I don't, actually. Seems like a good private moment.

Jess of Veg Out! said...
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