Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day Fun

Last night Jack and I celebrated our first St. Patrick's Day together. We did this not by dressing up as leprechauns or drinking green beer, but by bike shopping. Isn't that what everyone does on St. Patty's? No?

Well, spring is almost here, and I talked Jack into getting a bike so we can gallivant around town together this summer, enjoying the fresh air and a good workout. (Plus, I bet he'd look adorable in spandex.) Anyway, the thing is, Jack met me at a time where I wasn't my active self. A few short summers ago, I'd spend my weekends biking 20-30 miles a day, with a ride or two during the week as well. But then I got injured (non-bike related, non-diva-dance related) and all but stopped working out. That's when Jack and I met. This is only important because last night Jack was very concerned about my bike knowledge: "Until a few minutes ago, I didn't realize I had brought Lance Armstrong with me!" I think he said that when I told him that it wasn't the smartest idea to pick out a bike based solely on color - something he was considering doing.

As Jack rode the model bikes around the store he kept telling me in a very excited voice, "I can't believe how light this thing is! I mean, it's sooooo light!"

"When was the last time you rode a bike, the late 80s?"


"Yeah, surprisingly they've made some improvements since then," I smirked.

"Ooh! Know-it-all-Jill with her fancy bike knowledge. Who are you? Where is my girlfriend?!"

When he asked if his new not-yet-purchased bike would fit in the back of his car, I suggested he get a bike rack instead.

"That's a little much, don't you think? I don't think I'm ready for a bike rack."

"READY for a bike rack? What does that even mean?"

"Well, next thing I know you'll be telling me we need to move to Wyoming and get a Subaru."

I'm actually kind of scared to go biking with him...I have a feeling he'll throw a fit if the bike gets dirty or something. Maybe he should just stick with dance?


Lil' Woman said...

Lol..let us know how your biking adventure turns out :)

Jen said...

Jill. Have you not learned from my mistakes?

I too was the same as you & thought it would be fantastically awesome to have the husband at my side on a bicycle. . . that is until I took him on our 1st t-shirt/rally ride where he saw the Lance Armstrong's racing out front. That was it. His eyes got huge and he said, as I quote, "I wanna do THAT!" He hired a coach and in some freakish manner far surpassed me in my biking skillz.

He's now a Cat 3 racer with carbon frames, SRM's and all of this and that fancy-schmancy stuff which, in my book, equates to mucho, mucho MONEY. And mucho, mucho, mucho time without moi on a bike. And, sometimes. . . he's got to get some vino in me just to tell me the expensive whats-its he purchased for this biking thing. Let me tell you how well THAT went over when me head cleared. . . .

In the end this is all I could do - Note to self: never take the husband to sporting events again. Ever.

wigglylaura said...

a bike rack, Jill??? Where is my sister??


Sprite said...

Sounds like commitment issues to me. What's wrong with Wyoming?

Anonymous said...

A bike rack is totally necessary. Imagine his reaction to putting a dirty bike back into the car. My brother is the same way, and nearly had a stroke at the dirt getting in his car.