Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love in an Elevator

The other day, Jack and I are standing in his elevator, getting ready to leave his place. He was looking dapper, heading off to a football watching party. I was headed home to take a nap after a long night of drinking adult beverages. I turn to him and say "you look really cute today", to which he replies, "so do you."

A moment passes, and then he says, "actually, no, I take that back."


"I mean, you look fine, but you don't look really cute. I shouldn't give compliments if I don't really mean them. It's an impulse."

"Right. Insults are much nicer, honey! Thank you!" Then I proceeded to pout.

"No, I's only natural that when someone pays you a compliment, you want to say 'you too', but sometimes it's insincere. So anyway, you look alright, but I wouldn't say really cute. That's all I'm saying."

What can I say, he is a charmer - and he's all mine!


Naturally Sarcastic said...

at least he's honest!

Sprite said...

But there's such a thing as too honest, isn't there? Some things aren't meant badly, but it's impossible not to take them badly.

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Jill, you shoulda given him a swift roundhouse kick to the jugular. What? Too much?? Well I'm a faux thug and actually very sensitive. :-p.

Anonymous said...

What a silver-tongued devil he is! I'm surprised he's still single. Oh, nevermind.

JenBun said...

I find it impossible to believe that Jill EVER looks anything less than really SUPER cute!!

(Dude, I would make the BEST boyfriend!)


sid said...

I agree with him. You should be sincere. But taking it back after you said it? That's hurtful.

Anonymous said...

There are degrees of cuteness.

He could have left it at "you look cute too." And he could have saved a "holy crap, you look so cute that I can't remember my name" for the next time you are dolled up.

Of course, I would have just answered "I know" to your initial compliment.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I thought this was going to be a story about making out in an elevator that no one ever uses at 1.30am, only for the doors to open at the wrong floor because someone wanted to get on, but rapidly changed their minds when they saw what was going on. Not that this ever happens to people. Especially not me.

surviving myself said...

He's right. If he goes around just saying you're awesome all the time you'll end up thinking you are, when in fact, you are not. Only T-Rex's are awesome all the time.

Jack and Jill said...

NS - That's what he says too.

SPRITE - Unless you know you look fabulous anyway!

LUVVIE - Haha.

ANON - Silver-tongued devil - I like that.

JENBUN - You WOULD! If you were a boy... (cue Beyonce)

SID - He's mean!

PETER - Yes, yes you would have.

CHIEF - Wink, wink.

SURVIVING - Only T-rexes?!?! What about the Hulk?

JenBun said...

Chris, I believe the plural form of "T-rex" is "T-rexi"...


Ashish said...

honesty is the best policy :P

Assertive Wit said...

you two are hilarious hahahhahahaha
I've read about 6 other postings and done nothing but laugh!!!