Friday, April 17, 2009

Jill Quizzes Jack: Part I

(Q) If Jill could be any (non-human) animal, what would she be?

Jack's Answer: A dog. Specifically a Boston Terrier. If this were to happen, then Jill's unnatural love for her own Boston Terrier, Spot, would seem a little less weird. Emphasis on "little."

Jill's Response: Eww, you just made my love of my darling Spot into something dirty, not to mention illegal. And you're wrong anyway - I'd totally be a chimpanzee. That way my emotional outbursts and throwing of poop wouldn't be nearly as frowned upon as it is now.

(Q) If Jill could pick any one super power to have, what would it be?

Jack's Answer: The ability to clone people. (See next question for rationale.)

Jill's Response: Um, I don't even think that is a "super power" in the traditional sense of the phrase. Wouldn't someone with cloning ability be more of a "mad scientist" type, not someone with a super power? Your rationale better be good.

(Q) What's one thing about Jack that Jill would change if she could?

Jack's Answer: There's only one of him. If Jill could have her way, she'd surely clone another Jack or two.

Jill's Response: Seriously? THIS is what you think I would change about you, sweetie? I don't think you even answered the question. Making another Jack wouldn't really change anything about YOU, would it? It would just double the thing that I wanted to change in the first place, which is less than ideal if you think about it.


M.J. said...

Very funny--looking forward to part 2!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Cloning is a great idea. My wife wants 3 of me!

sid said...

Haha. I loved Jack's last answer. My superpower would be to change forms/look like anyone I wanted, whenever I wanted to.

Assertive Wit said...

poor clueless Jack LOL

Jack and Jill said...

MJ - Thanks!

CHIEF - I'd like to talk to your wife about that. Seems you & Jack might both be overly confident!

SID - That is a good one!



Angela said...

Jack and Jill...I get such a kick out your blog. It's great! I love the graphics--especially the dogs this week. Too funny!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jill - that is not something I made up - she said so herself!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I needed that! This post had me literally laughing out loud! Especially the part about the cloning not changing anything, but doubling the problem. Thanks you 2 - you REALLY made my day!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. You two are very cute. This was a fun idea.

rs27 said...

I agree with everything Jack says.

Jack and Jill said...

ANGELA - Thanks, I was pretty proud of the Jill dog, I have to admit. :-)

CHIEF - Mmmhmmm, I'm sure.

ANON - Yay! We like making people's days.

MINDI - Thanks! Jack is soon going to quiz me too!

RS27 - Of course you do. Hmph!

tracie said...

Haven't been here in 4-ever, glad 2 see ur still together. :)

Devyl Gyrl said...

Poor Jack ... he just does NOT get it yet ... he is in need of some training in Jillese.