Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Conversation Really Happened

Jill: (excitedly) Victoria's Secret was having a sale and I got 9 pairs of really cute undies for $50!

Jack: That's awesome. See, that's one way that men really do get kind of screwed.

Jill: (confused) Because you can't wear women's underwear?

Jack: (in disbelief)

Jill: (still confused)

Jack: No, because men's underwear are so much more expensive.

Jill: Oh. Yeah, that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks..I wish i designed it myself but i got it from a blog designer i found on the net...i think it suits the blog - he did a good job...

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

VS's sales give me GLEE-gasms!!!

nicoleantoinette said...

But normally? women's underwear can get SO expensive!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Men's underwear is expensive?

I guess it depends on where you go!

Anonymous said...

Good men's underwear is expensive. It drives me bonkers.

It wasn't until college that I learned that women don't always match their bras and panties. It grosses me out. Even if I were into women, I'd be so totally turned off the second clothing was removed and a woman was wearning a red bra and, say, white panties. Blegh. Buy all one color and match match match!

sid said...

Jason: I doubt straight men's biggest concern would be if a woman is matching her underwear. Think they're just happy they're seeing a half naked chick.
Also men's underwear is expensive?

rs27 said...

Who wears underwear?

JenBun said...

You didn't bring him with you when you went undie shopping???

Anonymous said...

I'd wrap a hobo's scarf around my junk, as long as the universe keeps providing sexy and affordable underwears for women.

surviving myself said...

It's true, if a guy likes fashion, he has to pay tons of money to look good, while women can go to Forever 21 or something and buy a dress for $2.75.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

When you catch a sale then you are good but you can not go to Vicky's on any given day and come out cheaper then men's underwear. lol We are sooo much more expensive.

Jack and Jill said...

CAYMAN - It's very cool.

LUVVIE - I hear ya!

NICOLE - Totally agree. I explained that to him later - I caught a great sale!

CHIEF - Yes, and Jack has expensive underwear tastes.

JASON - You are too funny. I had no idea mismatching would bother someone so badly.

SID - Agreed.

RS27 - Apparently not you.


PETER - You probably wear a hoboscarf there anyway! Don't make excuses.

SURVIVING - Yes, but we can only wear that $2.75 dress once. I guess you get what you pay for.

TEE - Agreed.

Hollywood Sucker said...

Ok, guys may get screwed about the cost of underwear...but girls get screwed because in time they end being the ones who have to do all the laundry. And DEAL with all the underwear.

Agent Elle said...

Guys' undies are expensive? I thought us ladies had it bad. :P