Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

The other night, Jack took Spot out for his evening walk-slash-potty trip. When he came back in he said "Of course when I take him out he does a HUGE number 2!" I laughed because, well, poop is funny.

The next day, we were walking Spot together when my little doggy finds a nice patch of grass, squats, and drops a big one.

As I went to pick it up Jack goes, "Ewww, that is just like mine from last night!"

Shocked, I replied, "Did you just tell me about your poop?!?!" I wondered if we had somehow reached a new level of intimacy without my consent. I thought you had to be served papers or something if this kind of talk was going to start happening.

"HIS POOP THAT I PICKED UP LAST NIGHT", Jack retorted. "Why would I be describing my poop to you??"


Well, he really should be more specific, shouldn't he?

You can imagine he had a hay day with that little misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

There are couples out there that describe their B.M.s At least note-worthy ones. Just saying. Not that I'd know personally or anything.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

LOL! You two kill me.

The Odd Duck said...

Oh wow. Don't feel too bad Jill, at first I thought he meant his own deuce as well

Chief Rock Chef said...

A man was walking in the park when he stepped in some dog poop. After wiping his shoe on the grass, he sits on a bench.

A woman comes along and steps in the same pile of dog poop.

The man gets up, walks across to the woman and says "Hey, I just did that!"

She slaps him.

"Can't you use the toilet like the rest of us?"

Anonymous said...

You were more concerned with the fact that he was telling you about his poop than the fact that his poop looked like dog poop?

anne said...

Hehe, poop. :)

Anonymous said...

The rule is as follows: if you give a guy a packet of baby wipes then he can mention his organic product to you at the first opportunity.

Jack and Jill said...

JASON - Are you trying to tell me something about YOUR relationship? HUH?

TEE - Thanks! Don't die though, we like our readers.

ODD DUCK - See?!

CHIEF - I love it!

PETER - That would've been my FOLLOW UP question. First things first.

ANNE - :-)

DANJERUS - No!!! What have I DONE? said...

Quaid and Lily save all their poop for their Dad. Neither wants to go for me, but when Scott takes them out, our 8lb Lily poops THREE times and Quaid leaves a present that's so large you would think a Golden did it. Bah.

Did I mention Quaid is embarassed about his poops and won't go unless he's submerged in a bush?

mj said...

I am just happy that you have not reached the level where he actually wanted to share his own poop tales. Sometimes you can get there without your consent

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
im sorry but that is all i can say!!

JenBun said...


You WISH you got papers. I've broken up with guys who STILL feel the need to tell me about their poop.


Glad it was just Otis! That takes a special kind of special relationship-- to just keep it to talking about dog poop! ;)

pistols at dawn said...

I've had exes call me in to take a gander at their work. I think I may have dated a few dudes by mistake.

Yes, "by mistake." That sounds plausible.

Sprite said...

Chief Rock Chef, I nearly choked on my lunch. That's excellent.

As far as anyone I date is concerned, I have no bowel movements, and I expect the same of them.

Jack and Jill said...

HH - Quaid sounds very modest.

MJ - This doesn't surprise me, coming from you!


JENBUN - You poor thing!

PISTOLS - Surely "by mistake".

SPRITE - I love your line of thinking.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Hahaha awesome! Poop is ALWAYS funny, unless it's stuck to your shoe or on your pillow or something. Not that the pillow thing has ever happened to me you understand. One time, when I was sick, I coughed particularly strenuously and you know when you cough and a fart pops out unannounced at the same time? Well that happened. Only it wasn't just a fart. And I was on the way to the airport. In the car. To meet my MOM. Yes.

That poop wasn't funny. Well it is NOW...