Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If Jack Killed Spot...

Jack had a dog when he was growing up, but he's never had a pet as an adult. I've had a kitty of my own since I was 21, and have had my dog, Spot, for about 4 years now. He is one of the greatest joys in my life. He is like my baby, and I can't imagine my life without him.* I think the intensity of my feelings for Spot has at times been surprising to Jack (and basically everyone else), and perhaps difficult to understand, but Jack has been a great sport about letting Spot be a part of the time we spend together.

Recently, Jack even started taking the leash when we take Spot for a walk. On one of these occasions, he let Spot get a little too close to running out into traffic for my comfort level (my little baby isn't the brightest about cars - he thinks they look like big dogs and wants to go play with them, I think) (Spot, not Jack). Um, anyway, after I screamed something like "OHMYGOD he just got really close to running into traffic! You have to keep him closer to you!", Jack asked the following question:

Do you think you'd break up with me if I let your dog get hit by a car?

If you were responsible for the death of my beloved dog, yes, that would probably be a deal-breaker.

Even if it was a huge accident and I felt TERRIBLE?

Well, I'm just not sure I could get over that, and I think I'd harbor some resentment toward you even if I knew you felt bad. Just don't do it, and we'll be fine, okay?

I don't think he liked my answer. I also don't think he remembered my answer because a couple weeks later he asked if he could take Spot off the leash so that he could chase bunnies better. In downtown. On a patch of grass the size of my bedroom. IN DOWNTOWN. I said no, which is good because moments later Spot almost dragged Jack out into traffic chasing one of those bounding bunnies.

What do you think? Could you forgive your boyfriend/girlfriend if s/he let your dog** get smooshed like a bug?

Could you forgive your significant other?
Maybe--if s/he felt REALLY bad about it
No way no how, hit the road, Jack!
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* And no, I don't feel like a big loser for admitting that. Bite me.
** If you don't have a dog and/or don't like animals (i.e., you have no soul) (just kidding) (not really though), think of something else you love and use that for the example, please.


Dingo said...

Dingo Girl is my best friend. Mr. Dingo runs a close second. Everyone knows where they stand in the Dingo hierarchy.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I just started fostering a 2-year old border collie from a rescue shelter. The dude had a history of being neglected by his previous owner/breeder and was therefore in desperate need of socializing and being taught how to not be scared of everything and everyone. After four days, he was really doing great, then yesterday morning after our walk, I let him off the leash to run around the back yard (same as the previous three days) and he somehow managed to scale the 4ft fence and bolt. This sucks.

So, if it feels this crappy to lose a dog that I had for 4 days, I'd probably never want to see someone again that had a hand in killing my dog, accident or not.

pistols at dawn said...

Since I love nothing, this is tough for me, but I'll likely be the one "yes," mostly because the last few dogs-in-law I've had were annoying as hell, always crapping inside and licking feet, etc. during sexy time. Nobody likes that.

Were I even less sympathetic, I'd say, "Maybe the dog should evolve to the point where it's not so dumb it thinks cars are playthings." Which would mean I wouldn't have to wait to kill someone's dog to get dumped.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Oh come on now, animals are WAY more lovable than humans, so I am with you, Jill. Sorry Jack. :) There would be a tiny grudge. Oh yes.

surviving myself said...

You must forgive, because it's really hard sometimes to find some good sex, which is one of the only reasons to be in a relationship - easy access to sex.

Jack and Jill said...

DINGO - I think you & I would get along swimmingly!

SIR - Oh!!!! You poor thing! That sounds awful, absolutely awful. No sign of him anywhere?? Did you check local shelters? They have to hold strays for 10 days before doing anything with them. If you call around you might be able to locate him. That just SUCKS. Good luck in finding him!

PISTOLS - How many methods do you have at this point for getting dumped? I bet a lot.


SURVIVING - You make a good point--you know, for men.

Jack and Jill said...

That was me, Jill, by the way. I should really sign my name on my own comments, I guess...

amindinmotown said...

...Not a chance in hell. Simply put.

rs27 said...

Whoa, whoa whoa..wait a second. Is my girlfriend really hot?

If yes, all is forgiven.

JenBun said...

I don't know; maybe...

How much do I love this person? Like, A LOT?

I'm going to stick with maybe, though I really think I like my dog better than most people and that makes me wonder if I could forgive anyone for killing her...

Probably not. I'd probably start crying and yelling "dog killer!" during sex, and that's just not pretty.

peterdewolf said...

I wouldn't forgive a girlfriend for breaking my universe remote, so I'd probably not be all the forgiving about a dog.

peterdewolf said...

universe = universal

Clearly the thought of a broken remote stressed me out.

Jack and Jill said...

AMINDINMOTOWN - My thoughts exactly.

RS27 - You are so easy.

JENBUN - Sounds like sex would be really fun after, yeah.

PETER - Well, we all love different things, I guess.

PETER - Clearly, yes.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Many years ago a friend of mine was walking one of my dogs (a mega cute greyhound). He let her off and she just bolted, now way he could catch her. She got hit by a car and died. It was not his fault so I forgave him.

Now my wife is even more protective of our dog than I am so I can't see myself having to make a choice there!