Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jack Asks Jill: Why is it OK for You to Wear My Clothes?

Jack Asks: Why is it more acceptable for a girl to wear something from her boyfriend’s closet than it is for a boy to wear something from his girlfriend’s closet?

Jill Answers: Um, have you seen how adorable I am in your sweatshirts? HAVE YOU? Well, I think that answers why it's acceptable for a girl to wear something from her boyfriend's closet. On the other hand, have you seen the size of my t-shirts? If you put one of those babies on (have you?? be honest, honey, I won't judge you), you'd look sort of like this:

Only probably worse since most of my shirts involve a deep V-neck cut so as to show off "the girls" [read: boobies!]. (In case you all are wondering, that shirt says "I [HEART] FASHION", which is what most of my t-shirts say, obviously.)

Anyway, the point is that I'm cute and you are too but maybe just not in my clothes. Or any girl's clothes. Come to think of it, you asking this question mere days after you tried to convince me (okay, succeeded in convincing me) that Victoria's Secret had opened up a store for men, selling lacey boxers and what not, I am starting to wonder if I should be concerned. Am I not reading the signs? Somebody send help.

Jack Follows-Up: Your response is far-from-satisfying, Jilly. And for the record: no where in my question did I state that I WANTED to wear girls clothes. I was just noting that there seems to be a double-standard that deserves to be called out. If a girl wears a guy’s shirt, why is it considered “cute” as opposed to “butch”? And to be honest, I just asked you this question in the hopes that you’ll return some of the hoodies, sweatpants, boxers, etc. that you’ve borrowed stolen from me.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Now a Bad Person could read a lot of things into what Jack says and does.

Asking about wearing Jill's clothes?


An obsession with shoes?

Just generally being far nicer than most straight guys are even when they are trying REALLY HARD?

A Bad Person might suggest that Jill has some big questions to ask Jack.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Hmmmm the age old question. The answer is, IT JUST IS. The end.

We can get all comfy and scrunchy in oversized man clothes whereas men putting on ladies' clothes are rampant transvestites with a lisp. You see?

I'm kidding. Kind of. Well not really. HA!

Jen said...

Because we said so.

Ali said...

Well most men can't FIT into their wife/girlfriends clothes for starters.

And, I don't know, but my husband seems to think me wearing his boxer briefs or football jerseys is hot, where I think if I saw him in a pair of my lacy panties, I might be a little freaked out.

I guess that's still not really an I guess I'll just agree with The Veggie Assassin - it just IS!

surviving myself said...

I would like a pic of you in the "I heart Fashion" t-shirt. I really do believe you own one.

pistols at dawn said...

Jack is just putting the "man" in "semantics" - he's making a point, which women won't grant, because they don't want to give our stuff back.

So, I give up on making sense to women (I did that long ago, actually), but will instead say, Jack: it's like everything else in the world. If a dude says, "Yeah, I play D&D," it's lame as hell. If a girl admits the same thing, it's okay, because she still has a vagina.

JenBun said...

There is a one-word answer to why it is considered cute...


choofy said...

I could go for the femmy look--tight or skinny jeans, deep v-necks and cardigans showing off nice a chest (preferably hairy), and maybe even mascara--but hold the full blown emo look, please. No 16 year olds, Pete Wentz, or Johnny Depp.

Sprite said...

It's because, when a woman wears a man's clothes, it's like he's taking care of her, and is, therefore, macho. There's not the same evolutionary pull for a woman to clothe her man.

And anyway, women's clothes are woefully impractical. Why would a man want to borrow them?

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Double Standards make the world go round. This is one I'm willing to support. Jack, stay away from anything pink or frilly.

sid said...

come on admit it. You think she looks sexy in your clothes

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Because Jack, When we wear something of yours it's usually oversized so it looks really cute on us and insights some sort of sexual fantasy in you.

When you wear our stuff it's too small and just looks creepy. lol

Anonymous said...

I like your blog but you 2 are too inconsistent with posting. I'll be back next month. At least then I'll have something to read.