Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Feature Coming on Jack & Jill!

Hi there. We'd like to get you all hot and bothered about something. We've decided to start a new feature here on J & J. Well, it's kind of two new features, but the concept for each is the same:

Jack Asks Jill

Jill Asks Jack

Basically we'll be posing questions to each other, which are to be answered by each party in such a way as to speak for that party's entire gender. Simple, right? Yep, Jack will ask Jill things about women and Jill will ask Jack about men and whatever we say is representative of all men and all women.

I think this will be a winner.
If anyone out there would like to suggest a question or topic, we are open to borrowing and/or outright stealing your questions, so feel free to put them forth!


Chief Rock Chef said...

There is a lot of secrecy about "girly time". I have seen comments like "I could tell you but I would then have to kill you". What is "girly time"?

surviving myself said...

Why do women insist on talking to you when you're in the bathroom? Can't we have ONE MOMENT to ourselves???

pistols at dawn said...

Why are women so judgmental when you tell them things like, "We should try a little role-playing to keep this relationship fresh - dress up like FDR, baby"?

JenBun said...

Yeah, what IS "girly time"?!? I mean, I know what it means for me, but you speak for all of us, so...?

Also? Why is Chris crazy, thinking that WE want to talk to THEM in the bathroom???

Sprite said...

I have no desire to have a conversation with a man who's sitting on a toilet.

Actually this reminds me of a friend of mine. She says she is perfectly happy to be on the toilet doing a #2, chatting with her husband while he's in the shower. And no, it's not a separate toilet/shower room. Is this normal, Jill? Will I be expected to do this if I get married?

Anonymous said...

why do women get so much more territorial and paranoid about their men talking to other ladies, than the other way around? do women do a better job of putting the bf's at ease? men have more trust? men cheat more??

or maybe that can be answered with this one:

why do men have no qualms about getting on a friend's gf or ex? i thought men are more loyal and less back stabbing...

do men still like baywatch-style high cut bathing suits?


rs27 said...

Why do women wear pants with writing on the ass?

Anonymous said...

Why do men in relationships think it's ok for them to have "platonic" relationships with women, but don't want their women to have the same platonic relationships with men?

Jack and Jill said...

We are LOVING these questions, and we shall surely answer them so that no one will ever have to ask them ever again. Because we're THAT good.

Check back soon!

Anonymous said...

...And why do women get more paranoid when they're married, instead of less? This makes no sense.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh I think this will be fun!